For Authors Who Want To Reach Readers.

SuzyQ is a full-service Brookstone Author House coaching platform that helps authors who want to reach readers and take their publishing experience to the next level.

For new authors looking for the tools to get started. Begin with the end in mind. From the first consult, we make sure every author stays focused on the goal of selling marketable, quality books that reach readers.

For authors traveling the traditional publishing road. You've written your book. We will help you find the best agent for your book. We can also help you find quality manuscript submission services.

For authors on the independent publishing road. Our experience gives you a distinct advantage and will help you avoid starring in your own self-publishing nightmare.

For authors preparing to release a book. Whether you are independently or traditionally published, this is the heartbeat of SuzyQ.

SuzyQ 360˚ Review

  • Explore and review author's current "digital footprint" including website, blog, social media sites, Google search ranking

  • Develop strategies for identifying and connecting with your readers through digital interaction

  • Look at new mediums for connecting to readers

  • Implement a ground game strategy for influencing your BookScan numbers

  • Explore and exploit live event opportunities

  • Explore and adopt an intentional retail strategy where appropriate

  • Identify key influencers in the author's universe

  • Explore additional opportunities for identifying your brand

  • Look for authors in similar genres to "cherry pick" their audience

  • Encourage and explore ancillary publishing opportunities

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