Self-Publishing and Marketing

Most self-published authors are typically not interested in sales, marketing, or business. If they were, would they be a writer?

Writing is more of a solitary venture where marketing is about communicating and promoting your book to the world. As a writer, where would you rather spend your time and energy? The answer may be obvious. However, it would be in your best interest to improve the success of selling your book if you invoke marketing early in the process. Knowing who your writing for, what they want, and how your book will help or entertain them are fundamental questions for how you will begin building your marketing strategy.

There are a few tactics you might consider implementing before your title is even printed or distributed in an e-book format:

  • Start a blog related to the subject of your book
  • Write an article for a magazine or ezine
  • Produce a press release
  • Build a web presence
  • Build an email list and send target messages
  • Leverage your social media
  • Do book reviews

This can appear as a daunting list of tasks, but you can't let that deter you from meeting your goals. There are several resources that can aid you in the process, including Brookstone Author Group. You can receive coaching, consider publishing and distribution services, and join other like-minded authors at one of Brookstone Author Group's Premier Training Events.

If you take marketing as serious as you would writing your book, you'll be off to a perfect start.